Occupational Therapy

At ‘I Learn’ occupational therapy intervention mainly follows a ‘Sensory Integration Approach’, where processing and integrating sensory information from vision, smell, taste, hearing, touch, balance, and muscles awareness sensory systems are addressed in a fun and active way, in order to enhance development of functional skills, learning, behavior and social interaction.
Therefore the focus of occupational therapy is to build the underlying skills that allow the child to successfully participate and engage in meaningful life occupations (such as: feeding, playing, handwriting, dressing….etc). Following are these underlying skills:

•    Gross motor skills and coordination
•    Fine motor skills
•    Visual Perception: How the brain analyze what it sees
•    Visual motor skills: Reflected in handwriting, and constructional play tasks

Speech/Language Therapy

Even though children diagnosed with specific learning difficulties are often quite verbal and might be expressive, some experience delays in expressive language skills, while others often struggle with phonological awareness (i.e., the ability to manipulate sounds and words), or language processing skills (i.e., the ability to attach meaning to auditory information and formulate an expressive response).
Accordingly, the focus of speech-language therapy is to improve the child’s language expression and processing, that are fundamental to academic development.

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