In addition to the great support we got from the school, I Learn was of amazing help. From not being able to sit still for five minutes, we manage over an hour now, even at school, she stopped leaving the classroom every ten minutes to go to the bathroom or visit the doctor’s office. Her reading skills have improved so much that she now tackles new texts with confidence, and the other day she wrote her first independent paragraph, a few mistakes, but nothing out of the ordinary.


While we were told that the progress rate of children varies, I Learn was instrumental and a great helping hand that supported the progress level of Zeid. His comprehension development improved more than one academic level in less than 6 months. Zeid has even attended programs at centers in Europe and Canada but we really felt the real difference in the program offered by I Learn.
Reem Tabba


The progress my daughter made is astounding. Her tutors continue to demonstrate extreme enthusiasm and professionalism in all aspects, whilst at the same time making my daughter feel special and loved.  They follow up on my daughter’s progress in a timely manner, and continue to communicate with me at the end of every session in order to update me on her progress.  I am also given formal progress reports, with a clear plan on the next step forward. I would not hesitate to recommend I Learn as a trustworthy source of an up to date and a modern approach to learning.
Rania Cassy


When my son was diagnosed with dyslexia a specific tutoring curriculum was recommended: Lindamood-Bell. At the time we lived in Northern Virginia and although I searched, I could not find this program. When we moved to Amman, we were introduced to ILearn and we were delighted to find they use Lindamood-Bell as well as other dyslexia focused materials. I was very pleased! I would have never guessed we’d have to move to Amman to find the perfect tutoring for our son!

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