About Us

Established in 2014 in affiliation with Al-Masar Child Development Services. Our mission is to facilitate the learning experiences of students with specific learning difficulties. A leading center in the community for diagnosing and supporting students with specific learning difficulties. Our Diagnostic assessments are recognized by international educational boards like IB and IGCSE.


 We focus on students with average or above average intelligence whose brains process information differently. Accordingly, theymay struggle with specific areas of learning like: reading, spelling, math, writing and organizational skills; yet they often excel in areas requiring creativity and innovation. We provide them with educational and therapeutic services that build on their strengths to bridge the gaps in academic performance, and enhance their independent study skills. We use state-of-the-art remedial programs and curriculums designed specifically for students with specific learning differences. Our services are conducted by a group of passionate, well trained and qualified teachers and therapists. We tailor our intervention to meet the individual and unique needs of each student following thorough psycho-educational testing. Our ultimate goal is a student feeling good about himself and his achievements, capable of independently studying for school and university, recognizes his strengths and advocates for himself.

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